The Band

Inspired by World Music, Folk and Jazz, Tell Tale Tusk perform a unique set of ruthlessly entertaining original material. Twisted tales, tall stories and their signature three-part vocal harmonies form the core of this configuration whilst a rocking rhythm section and fieresome instrumentals whip up a frolicksome frenzy.  An evening with Tell Tale Tusk will take you on a journey through wyrd worlds, macabre imaginings and fantastical tableaus.

Tell Tale Tusk have toured extensively across the UK, tearing it up on stages of major festivals like Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party as well as independent festivals and venues such as The Bimble Bandanda and Cock & Bull.


A feminist tale for the 21st Century, Ungrateful Wench explores the dangers of an over-zealous admirer and the challenges of saying no.


Recorded in the Summer of 2016 at Press Play Studios in Bermondsey, the self-titled EP is a collection of Tell Tale Tusk's favourite stories and original compositions.


The 6-piece have spent January creating a new set of songs, ready for a busy March and April of gigs. The new set will see a developed style and some serious new grooves.